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My name is jenn

Country nook is a family owned restaurant, I think of all my employee's as family. I enjoy owning the country nook and always will. This has always been my dream to have my own restaurant. now it has finally came true.

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My Story

It has always been my dream to open my own restaurant. I've worked in this industry since I could get a job with 20 plus years of experience in management as a chef. I love cooking and controlling the cost as well as doing inventory. I attended Sullivan University in Lexington Kentucky where I received an associate's degree in culinary arts in 2008. I continued my education and hopes that someday I would open my own restaurant. I attended Lake Cordon Bleu to earn my Bachelor's of Science degree in restaurant and hotel management and graduated top of my class with honors and a 3.9 GPA. I accomplished all of this while working full-time as a chef and a single mother since then I have worked at various restaurants as a chef. While working their inventory, food cost and portioning controls to increase overall efficiency and profitability.I love what I do and I think this shows in my work, I am super excited to be the new owner of the country Nook and to put my heart and soul into this place and turn it into something amazing.  


I would love to hear about your experience with the Country Nook!


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